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Why is this site here?

It does not matter whether military, police or private citizen, the universal truth about firearms is that "well regulated" is a skill level.

Gun ownership is not something to be taken lightly. It comes with an extraordinary burden, to be safe, to be skilled, to be free. It is not something you can just talk about from the anonymity of a keyboard or hide from in a "safe space". Firearms ownership is a responsibility that demands one learn and value standards of perormance, live up to the qualities of exemplary demeanor. Provable skill is what garners the respect of your peers.

In America, we citizens teach each other about firearms. We people encourage each other to learn. We freely pass among each other the standards we expect of ourselves. We pride ourselves that we share the information we need to achieve excellence. We look up to those who have done the work and welcome those willing to do the work. It is a bond among fellows that transcends our skin color, our ancestries, our religions, our politics, our economic stations. It is where we are equal and only our performance matters.

If you look around, the standards of our society are already there. There are training and qualification requirements in the military. There are training and qualification requirements for peace offices. These are codfied forms of "well regulated" standards tailored to small segments of our populace operating within narrow rules of engagement scenarios.

Private citizens uses of firearms also have standards and expectations but the variety of use cases ranging from hunting to self-defense to competition are far broader than military or police uses. Some of these citizen use cases such as hunter safety have been well organized into systemic standards in California, others have not. Self-defense lags far behind as the state struggles to cope with the role citizens play in public safety. Competition standards are numerous and disjoint owing to the varied of disciplines that people participate in.

This website aims to unify and popularize these civilian standards into an easier to grasp concept so that California's citizens can participate far more proactively in ensuring the quality of the 2nd Amendment in our State.

We are the people who defend our freedom from behind every blade of grass. We should be the best at it.
Ever wondered where you fit on the "well regulated" spectrum with regards to firearms in California? Take this survey and find out.

Answer the questions honestly and get a report on where you are strong, where you are weak, and suggestions on how to improve.

Want to improve your skills?
It's more than just talking abou it.
It's learning, it's practice, it's testing yourself.

This is where independent training materials, exercises and more encouragement will go.

Know Your California Gun Laws

California Firearms Laws
California Department of Justice firearms statutes .

Yes it is boring legal text. But like them or now, these are the laws that define what you can and cannot do with a firearm in the State of California. In it you will see things that are reasonable and things that are unreasonable. You will see how special interests and government desires combine to their will on the unwitting. You will learn to see who in government is working for the people and who serves other unseen masters. The firearms statutes of California are a lens into the balance of power between the citizen and the state. In a state as varied as California it's worth reading and studying as much as the Holy Bible or Das Kapital.

Know Your Existing Government Resources

The California Firearms Safety Certificate
If you think buying a gun in California doesn't have standards, think again.

Whether you own a gun or not, if you live in California, before you blindly judge others, you owe it to yourself to know that both the State and the state's gun owners take firearms knowledge seriously. If you cannot pass this test, you cannot buy a gun. Sorry. You're not good enough. It's not that hard ... if you're willing to learn.

The California Hunter Safety Program
If you think hunting in California is something any couch potato can do, you've got another thing coming.

This may come as a surprise to people who only wildlife on TV but hunting is a vital part of California's ecosystem management. California and its hunters are a far more cohesive team when it comes to ensuring the heath and survival of the animals of our state. You cannot get a hunting license in California unless you take and pass a hunter safety course. Period.

The California Bureau of Security and Safety Services Firearms Permit
Security has standards. There's bureau for that too. Expand your mind. Read through the skills expectations for a licensed security guard or private investigator. There is nothing that prevents every gun owner in California from rising to or even exceeding these standards on their own. Think about it. Knowledge is what sets your mind free.

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